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Dr Truth Speaks 11-2014

 Dr. Ngonzi Truth Crushshon is a licensed-eligible psychologist with 15 years experience in the mental health field, specializing in healing for psychological trauma, urban youth & families, community/systems and healthy love relationships.

Dr. Truth’s doctorate is in Clinical Psychology indicating that she has interfaced and assisted clients/patients with tackling some of the most severe mental health concerns and life challenges. She has cared for persons within fostercare/youth in care facilities, juvenile detention centers, jails, mental health courts, residential group homes, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters, and those with dual diagnoses: mental health & substance abuse as well as mental health & medical concerns within psychiatric emergency rooms, private practices, community mental health clinics, headstart programs and alternative schools.

Dr. Truth provides individual, couple and family sessions. She has treated patients/clients with primary concerns of schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, autism/developmental delays, grief/loss, relationship conflict, career/life transition and other mental health conditions.

Currently, Dr. Truth provides therapy and psychological services within a private practice setting. Dr. Truth and Associates, LLC is located in Decatur, Georgia (within the metro Atlanta area, near Emory University-Clairmont campus).

Full-time, Dr. Truth conducts mental health assessments and writes comprehensive behavioral health/biopsychosocial reports for an Atlanta-based mental health agency contracted with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS).

From 2006-2019, Dr. Truth provided on-call crisis assessments in person (S.A.S.S./Psychiatric Emergency Rooms) and via phone (the Suicide Hotline) for suicidal and homicidal patients/clients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Ada S. McKinley Behavioral Health Services.

In 2017, Dr. Truth provided mental health therapy, play therapy and psychological assessment services as a member of the private practice team at HOPE HAVEN PSYCHOLOGICAL RESOURCE in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2015,  Entrepreneurs Circle Chicago was formed, a mastermind group and supportive community for entrepreneurs and business owners with monthly meetups and conference calls.  www.entrepreneurscirclechicago.com

Since 2011, Dr. Truth has provided workshops and trainings including: healthy love, conflict resolution and intimate love relationships. chicagourbanloveseries

In 2006, the FAITH Empowerment Institute was created to provide empowerment workshops and linkage to community resources for Chicagoland residents. chicagolandcommunityresources

Dr. Truth is a best-selling author of SHIFT an anthology written with 20 authors including Nikki Woods the former Senior Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the #1 urban syndicated radio show in the United States.

Dr. Truth is an author of GRACE: 35 women share letters of reflection to the little girl or young woman they once were. Grace is a cross-generational book that shares stories of strength, wisdom and truth from women ages 29-95. This compilation of letters is presented by Tiffany M. Fincher .

Dr. Truth’s 1st solo book, Black Girls Cry:10 Active and Passive Strategies for Healing from the Death of A Loved One was self-published and is distributed worldwide on Amazon. In this book, the reader will learn how to recognize grief vs. depression,learn/practice more effective ways to cope with grief, identify their current stage of grief and are provided national grief resources for followup (online apps, grief support groups, grief camps, grief counselors and emergency / crisis hotline).


Dr. Truth has researched and authored three papers:              Protective Factors for African American Males in Academic Settings, Mentor Characteristics and Counseling Self-Efficacy in a Doctoral Sample: A Prospective Study (co-author. Presented in Santiago, Chile at The Society for Psychotherapy Research) and Mate Selection and Myths about Marriage Among African American College Women.

Dr. Truth has presented workshops/trainings on:                                    Race Based Traumatic Stress & Racial Discrimination.

Dr. Truth is a contributing writer for Urban Matrix Magazine and has been published in Huffington Post and True Star Magazine

How To Find 5 Quiet Moments In your Hectic Day”  Huffington Post Sept 6, 2016

Tips On How to Fix Your Flaws” True Star Magazine Feb 16, 2017

Why You Should Care About Self-Care”  Urban Matrix Magazine Aug 5, 2018                                                                   …..


Dr. Truth’s Blog

Suffering In Silence: 5 Ways to Discuss Suicide, Recognize the Signs of Suicide & Cope with the Loss of Someone to Suicide-June 2018

Make Time for Your Dreams: 2 Mindful Ways to Make Time for your Dreams-July 2018

Dr. Truth worked as an Adjunct Professor of Neuropsychology as well as Counseling Children and Adolescents in the Chicagoland area. She has studied and traveled abroad in Lagos, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; (West Africa) and Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Truth was born and reared in Chicago. Currently she resides in Atlanta, Georgia but has previously called these places home: Indianapolis, IN, Nashville, TN and Washington, DC where she worked at the Children’s Defense Fund in the Policy Department advocating for underserved children in America.

To connect with Dr. Truth call 501.500.HOPE (4673) or visit www.drtruthandassociates.com




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