Therapy Services include:

Individual Counseling -depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, stress, anger management, life challenges – school/work/relationships/finances

Group Counseling -Peace Circles, Conflict Resolution, Social Skills, Mean Girls, Angry Boys

Couples/Pre-Marital/Marital Counseling

Family Counseling



*Healthy Relationships & Me

* How to Attract the Man/Woman of My Dreams

*Choosing a Career

*Why Am I Here?  Discovering my Purpose

*Professional/Teacher Trainings

*Multicultural Sensitivity Training

* Emotional Well-being Check-ups

* Coping with Grief/Loss

* 7 Steps to Daily Self-care

*Learning to Say NO, How to Relieve Stress

*How to Deal with Difficult People

* How to Advocate & Attain Special Education services for your child

Entrepreneurship Circle

*monthly meet-ups and conference calls to help start-up entrepreneurs launch their business, reach a wider audience and make more money

*we provide a supportive community of entrepreneurs

*this is an accountability group

Research/Writing Collaborations

Youth Prevention Programs

Social Service Referrals

Private Coaching Sessions

Corporate/Business Consultations

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