How to get Sh@# Done!

How to get Sh*@ Done!


How to get Sh@# Done!
Now that I have your attention!
How can we get sh*@ done that we need and/or want to get done?
  • *Write it down
    Write down 2 things that you want to get done, then write down 2 things that are stopping you from getting “things” done (fulfilling your dreams, your goals, small tasks for the day, homework, running errands, exercising, meeting deadlines, writing assignments, paperwork, reports, tasks, eating healthy, etc.).
    Is it your thoughts/emotions (fear, self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, discouragement, self-defeating thoughts-“I could never do that?” “I’m too old” “I’m too young” “I’m not smart enough”)? Is it money/lack of money? Is it nobody to help you/no team/no support? or something else?
  • *Practice the 80/20 Rule
    While reading today at lunch, I was reminded of the 80/20 rule -that says focus on the most important tasks (the 80%) on your to-do list; and to complete the 2 most important tasks per day first, and then continue completing the remaining items on your to-do list. If you don’t complete your to-do list, it’s okay, it can roll over to tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • *Find motivation outside of yourself/Replenish your energy
    Sometimes I am overwhelmed, unmotivated and depleted of energy to complete anything on my to-do list, or to even write the to-do list. So what can we do?
    Well, you find the motivation. If you can’t find it internally then seek it externally. I listen to motivational CD’s, sermons, motivational speakers, mentors, coaches, read inspirational books/inspirational quotes, listen to uplifting music and/or find an accountability partner or support group to remind me of my WHY (why you’re doing this and to keep me on track with my to-do list and my goals).
  • *Be mindful when you are most productive.
    Take time to notice what you are doing (smiling, listening to a speaker), where you are (church, school, home, outside, indoors, around friends, alone, library), which days (Sundays are my most inspirational/stress free days), what time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) and when you feel the most motivated. Optimize this time/space to get a jump start on your goals/to-do list. For example, if I’m most motivated on Sunday mornings then I need to write at this time, in my favorite chair (indoors or outdoors) and wherever I feel most creative at that moment. Don’t place your most important tasks last-at the bottom of your to-do list and NEVER place your most important tasks at the end of the week or when you are the busiest (on a Friday or Saturday when most of us are trying to squeeze in family time, errands, events, etc-that’s a setup/surefire way not to get sh@# done.). So track the day of the week, time of day and most comfortable place that is most appropriate to get things done.
 P.S. I typed this blog after working two jobs, feeling exhausted and many reminders from my accountability partner to “get it done”. So why didn’t I just go to bed, which was my initial thought and to “do it later”? Because I knew that this blog would help someone be more productive TODAY.
 Please click the links below for more tips on how to get “things” done. As always, somebody’s purpose is attached to yours. The world needs your gift, purpose and calling. Let’s get it done! Til next time Dr. Truth… 🙂

Dr. Ngonzi Truth Crushshon, Psy.D. is a license-eligible clinical psychologist, professor, and best-selling author. She has written for the Huffington Post and various local magazines on mental health and self-care.