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Our passion is youth ages 3-17 years old primarily from Englewood and Auburn-Gresham communities in Chicago, Illinois.

Generation HOPE was founded in 2006 by Ngonzi Crushshon and many adult volunteers. We organize monthly youth programs to enhance social support, encourage personal/educational goals and positive peer functioning. We develop youth leaders!

Generation HOPE offers the following FREE to low cost programs:
*HBCU College Fair and Football Classic
*REAL Men Cook Father’s Day Event
*Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre
*Movies in the Park and Discussion
*Ice Skating *Bowling *Cooking Classes
*Chicago Bulls Basketball Game
*Chicago White Sox Baseball Game
*Chicago Skyy WNBA

Future programming includes:
*Money Management: Banking & Investing
*Afterschool Tutoring & Homework Help
*Etiquette Classes
*Fashion Design & Sewing Classes
*Tennis Classes
*Computer Technology Classes
*Male Rite of Passage Program
*Attending College vs. Technical Trade Program
*Mock Job Interviews